Air Conditioning Repair Service

Air conditioning is something that can easily be taken for granted but when it fails it can cause a serious headache – not to mention a financial shock.

First, there is the expense of sorting out the repair itself which could, in a worst case scenario, end up with you needing a complete replacement.

Next, there are the potential legal consequences of breaching your duties under Health and Safety and environmental legislation.

Then, there is the knock-on effects of loss of business hours due to closed facilities, repair work and the like.

K2 Air Conditioning Repair Service

If your air conditioning system is playing up, contact K2 Heating and Cooling Solutions Ltd. rather than attempting to manage the repair yourself. We have over 16 years’ experience in the field and a robust training programme which includes keeping up to speed with all the latest systems and technologies. No matter what unit or system you have, we will have come across it (or something similar) in the past. We are particularly familiar with Daikin and Mitsubishi products as we are certified partners of these firms.

air conditioning system supplierLeaving your air conditioning system repair in the hands of an employee – no matter how mechanically gifted – is a risk due to refrigerant gas compliance and the sophistication of the technology involved. The newer the system, the less likely you will be able to carry out an effective repair due to the integration of complex computer systems.

Our well trained and conscientious engineers will assess the situation, offer to replace components and carry out repairs as necessary and then, with your permission, complete all works to the highest standard.

We will also give your system a thorough check with our expert eyes, ensuring there are no other hidden problems waiting to surprise you.

Nip Air Con Problems in the bud!

Although we are always happy to come to your assistance, contacting an air conditioning repair service should be an emergency last resort. Setting up an ongoing maintenance plan is a much better way to manage your air conditioning system as it enables you to nip potential problems in the bud.

K2 Air Conditioning Bolton - Tel: 01204 361171K2 can manage this service for you, regardless of whether we initially installed your system or not. We are F gas certified (through Refcom), so are fully aware of our (and your) responsibilities with regards to handling refrigerants.

Every business and air con system is different so we will work out a schedule that fits your schedule and budget. When it comes to service time, we will work efficiently and professionally, ensuring we keep disruption to a minimum and always treating you, your premises, your staff and your customers with respect. This includes fully tidying up after ourselves.

Without a regular maintenance plan in place, you could end up with a refrigerant gas leak. This will put you in breach of environmental regulations and you might not even know about it (e.g. if the leak is within the ceiling or outside, etc.)

Regular maintenance also keeps your system working at optimum efficiency. Minor faults (which may be quick and cheap to repair) can impact on the energy consumption of your system leading to higher bills than necessary. Not only will this cost you in itself, it will also place stress on the system and eventually the entire thing will break down. What could have been a simple fix will then have turned into a major problem.

So whether you want the peace of mind of a regular maintenance contract or are in need of an urgent repair, please call K2 on 0161 804 4561 or 0800 107 5097.