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Commercial air conditioning
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Commercial Air Conditioning Units

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Commercial Air Conditioning has changed a lot over the last few years so if you have an older system and haven't taken a recent look at what's on the market, now could be a good time. As preferred suppliers of a range of top brands, including Daikin and Mitsubishi, K2 Heating and Cooling Solutions Ltd. are the firm to call first.

Looking After Staff, Customers and the Bottom Line

Does your business suffer from problems like these:

  • Are your staff constantly opening and closing windows to regulate temperature?
  • Do your customers or service users show signs of discomfort while on your premises?
  • Are staff calling in sick with coughs and colds?

All of these symptoms can suggest a problem with your air conditioning system.

Checking office air conditioning for faults
Checking office air conditioning for faults

Investing in a new commercial air conditioner is not just kind to your employees and visitors, it also offers a quick return on your investment due to increased energy efficiency. Modern HVAC systems are up to 4.5 times more efficient than traditional heating and can slash bills by up to 80%.

Providing they are installed and maintained by Fgas certified professionals, a new air conditioning installation will be compliant with all legislation regarding ozone-depleting gases and will benefit the environment by reducing energy consumption. More efficient energy use is a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint and illustrate your sense of corporate responsibility.

A new air conditioning system will seem very quiet and compact compared to an old one and with hot and cold air precisely balanced by the sophisticated technology under the hood, staff will feel comfortable and contented no matter where they are sat in the building.

Your legal responsibility

In the home, air conditioning is mainly about comfort and cost-saving. In business and the public sector, it is also about keeping people safe and following the law. If you are responsible for ensuring people's health and safety in a school, hotel, residential unit, warehouse or other spacious building you will need a compliant air conditioning system. We can assist you at every stage of a commercial air con project from the first design sketches to drawing up a maintenance contract.

K2 Design and Installation for Commercial Properties

K2 don't just install commercial AC Units we can also be involved right from the design stage, even when the brief is extremely complicated and sensitive.

An example of one of our most challenging projects can be seen in our case studies where we overcame numerous design challenges to install a new air conditioning system in a Grade II listed building in Manchester.

We are comfortable taking on commercial air conditioning projects of all sizes and scopes from the smallest corner shop to the largest international hotel chain. We have installed systems in schools, IT server rooms and surgeries as well as numerous premises in the retail, healthcare, catering, entertainment and hospitality industries.

Commercial Air Conditioning inspection
Commercial Air Conditioning inspection

With over 16 years in the industry and an active youth induction system, we bring the benefits of both experience and up-to-date technical knowledge to all our work. All of our engineers are fully trained and qualified and embrace the K2 'customer first' ethos.

To find out more or to arrange a no-obligation quotation, please contact one of our friendly team.

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