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Coronavirus Air-Con Deep Clean!

by Dom



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With life slowly returning to normality - pubs, offices, schools, shops, gyms and businesses of all kinds are beginning to re-open their doors! It’s a welcome and exciting step, but we should not forget that the Coronavirus is still very much present in our society. That’s why we’re offering an anti-bacterial sterilization of any air-conditioning system – in order to protect yourself, colleagues, customers and family from any harmful bacteria.

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning is a legal requirement at the best of times, but during this Coronavirus pandemic, a clean and fully serviced air-con system is of paramount importance! Over time, particles of bacteria and grime accumulate in the filters. When left alone, this harmful build-up is spread through the air and around the room.

Whereas government guidelines deem the use of air conditioning at this time safe and in fact recommended, it is a legal and medical necessity that your systems undergo a professional deep clean! At K2, we will professionally cleanse your systems using anti-bacterial products, reducing the risk of potentially deadly bacteria polluting your house, office, shop etc.

Our service procedure involves a full unit strip down, fan and coil sterilization, and a condenser deep clean – all with the use of the latest government advised anti-virus product!

Social distancing will always be adhered to and our engineers will be issued with the relevant and government recommended PPE as the safety of our employees and customers alike are always our priority.

At K2, the health of our customers is always at the forefront of our plans and procedures – and we urge you to take the same standpoint, particularly with the Coronavirus still spreading through our communities. Please protect your colleagues, staff, customers, yourself, and your family.

Contact us on 0800 107 5097 or drop us an email at to book a professional deep clean today!

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