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Ventilation installation

Ventilation Systems

Smart Ventilation Is Smart Business Sense

High quality air flow has never been more important. Manage clean, healthy air flow through your premises with expertly designed, professionally installed and supported ventilation from K2.

The Quality of Your Workplace Environment Relies on the Quality of Your Ventilation

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Not only is it a legal (and moral) obligation to make sure there’s a healthy supply of fresh air (ventilation) for people working in enclosed spaces - it makes perfect commercial sense too.

Fresh, purified airflow for your office or workplace means happy, healthy, productive teams.

It also means quicker lets, higher rental values and better bottom lines.

If you’re looking to build, refurbish, refit or upgrade a property then you’ll appreciate that a key part of that project is to get the right ventilation in place. Especially now. Especially with people so rightly focused on the threat posed by the airborne transmission of viruses.

Which is why you need the right team at your side to make sure your ventilation is designed, installed and maintained to do the job properly. Get your ventilation right first time with K2.


Why Choose to fit K2 Ventilation

  • It’s a smart business move - the better your ventilation the more attractive your built environment. People are more than happy to pay a premium for a clean, comfortable and healthy environment. Call it a fresh air dividend.
  • Add to that the fact that the carefully managed control and regulation of air flow can help cut expensive energy bills at the same time as improving safety or comfort.
  • Your ventilation system will expel any unpleasant build-up of food and body odour smells along with potentially dangerous or damaging bacteria and moisture.
  • Condensation mould looks awful and is bad for people’s health. Eliminate the problem with K2 ventilation.
  • In an office, a lecture hall, a conference or in any busy confined space, people quickly create uncomfortable heat. A K2-ventilated room is a comfortable and productive room.
  • Of course Covid-19 has seen the important health benefits of good ventilation made clear. But even before Covid-19, the avoidable health problems associated with poor ventilation, the headaches, allergies, asthma, rashes and sinusitis were well known.
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