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Water and Air Cooled Chillers

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Unlike many other conventional air conditioning companies, K2 specialise in all aspects of HVAC. This includes water and air cooled chillers. Our engineers can comfortably resolve any issue or breakdown as well as install a system of any size.

There are numerous benefits to an air conditioning chiller system as opposed to other ventilation systems. For instance, there are often fewer units required, leading to a relatively low installation cost. The chiller system also has a high heat exchange efficiency in comparison to other methods, as a result of the more centralised technology. They are particularly flexible, so they can serve a multitude of different areas for many different purposes. All of these advantages add to their excellent value for money.

Installing a chiller
Installing a chiller

K2 has recently completed the installation of a chiller system at Eden Point. We were recruited to decommission and remove two existing chiller units and replace them with two Daikin air cooled R32 chillers. The job went smoothly, and Eden Point is now kitted out with state-of-the-art cooling technology, serving a number of different areas around the large office block.

We have also been involved in servicing and maintenance contracts and commercial chiller repair. Notable examples include the servicing of two chillers at The Pines Hospital, and a further two at Trinity High School in Manchester. All of our service engineers are specifically trained in the appropriate maintenance and repair work. So, more and more companies are placing their faith in us to service their commercial refrigeration equipment.

The perks of this option are there for all to see. If you’re considering introducing chillers to your premises or need someone to look after an existing system – call K2 on 0800 107 5097. We’ll be happy to provide a free-of-charge, no-obligation quote and answer any questions you might have!

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