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Manchester air con installation
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Air Conditioning Installation in Manchester

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K2 Heating & Cooling Solutions are a highly qualified team of air conditioning engineers based in the Greater Manchester area. We cover all areas of HVAC and have many years of experience installing air-con for both residential and commercial businesses. Follow this link to see our full range of air conditioning services in Manchester.

Design and Installation Services

Are you looking for a new or replacement air conditioning system? If servicing is a regular expense and your energy bills are eye-watering then biting the bullet and replacing your old system would be a wise investment.

A new air conditioning system will also be less conspicuous, quieter and more eco-friendly than an older one and there are also many 'smart' technological features to make life easier for businesses and homeowners.

Our experienced and highly-trained installation teams have successfully installed many different types of air conditioning systems for a variety of clients, each with their own specific requirements.

Our quality workmanship can be seen in schools, colleges, hotels, offices, retail units, health centres and, of course, in numerous private homes.

In some of these projects, we have been involved right from the design stage working alongside contractors. Our industry experience is invaluable in these cases as we look to balance both function and aesthetics. With creative thinking and a 'can do' attitude, we can overcome design challenges to deliver a solution which fits our client’s unique needs.

When is it Time for a new Air Conditioning System?

No air conditioning system will last forever and if yours is 15 years' old or more, it will almost certainly be more economical to invest in a brand new installation rather than spend out on increasingly expensive services while consuming more energy than you need.

Air conditioning technology is advancing all the time and each new wave of designs seems to bring greater cost-efficiency, better features, quieter units and sleeker designs.

K2 Heating and Cooling Solutions Ltd. have more than 18 years' experience in the air conditioning field. We don't have a sister construction company or offer sprinkler systems; air conditioning is our speciality.

We deliver the highest standards of workmanship when installing your chosen system and we can also be involved in the early design stage, using our in-depth knowledge and experience to advise on the most appropriate equipment and layout for your needs. We can even design bespoke components if the situation warrants it.

Whether you need a fully integrated air conditioning system for multiple commercial buildings or industrial units or a small portable unit for your home, K2 are willing and able to carry out the work.

The Benefits of Professionally Fitted Air Conditioning

The global demand for air conditioning systems is rising and, with scientists predicting more extreme weather, the need to regulate indoor air temperature is critical.

A modern, professionally installed system offers many benefits to both businesses and homeowners, including:

  • Cost savings. You could reduce your energy bills by up to 83% due to the efficiency of modern air conditioning units.
  • Environmental protection. Lower energy use means less CO2 in the atmosphere. This is great for future generations and also for meeting environmental and corporate responsibility targets. Older systems are also more likely to leak harmful F-gases, potentially risking health and safety penalties.
  • Comfortable working/living conditions. For businesses, this translates to happier, more productive staff. For homeowners, rooms can be used all year round instead of being out of bounds during very hot or cold weather.
  • Appearance upgrade. New designs are an aesthetic improvement over older, more cumbersome systems.
  • Quieter operation. Older air conditioning systems are much noisier than new models, affecting working conditions.
  • State-of-the-art user controls. New technology enables the user to fine-tune settings for customised climate control.

Whether you book us for a service, repair or installation, you can be sure of our full commitment to the work. We have built up a strong reputation for quality workmanship and the bulk of our business is through referrals and retained clients. Therefore, it is in our interests to treat you with care and respect.

Rather than pressurise you into choosing us or baffling you with jargon, we will answer any queries honestly, using plain language as much as possible. For a free, no-obligation quote from professional air conditioning installers in Manchester, contact us using the details below.

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