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The Brief

As a dental professional you’ll understand the benefits of using air conditioning in your practice as well as anyone.

Because of course you want your patients to feel comfortable and relaxed. Visiting the dentist is stressful enough for most people, the last thing anyone wants is the added discomfort of feeling too hot or too cold. Your team too. The happier, more relaxed the better. And of course you do everything you can to make sure that happens.

That’s why your practice will likely already use air conditioning. Lots of lovely air cleansing, cooling, and dehumidifying – such a better, kinder, more welcoming environment for everyone.

But of course your AC is only any good if it’s working properly and the only way to keep it working properly is if it’s maintained properly. That’s where we come in.

The Solution

Professional, Compliant AC Maintenance for Dentist. Whether we installed your air conditioning or not. Take Parsonage Dental Practice in Hulme for example. Stepping in with a service contract after the original installers had stepped aside K2 now support three AC units – one in reception and one in each of two surgeries.

A service that includes:1. Visual inspection2. Filter Inspection/Cleaning/Replacement if necessary3. Electrical Inspection4. And as F-Gas Registered maintenance professionals we also perform a Gas Check (minimum once per year)

Time You Joined The AC Revolution?

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The Result

Happy patients who leave happy comments at NHS website such as: Fantastic Dentist – “Best dentist I’ve ever had. Very calm and reassuring, great communication, great with kids, just really good.”

A glowing CQC report too. Whilst we can’t necessarily claim all the credit for such positive feedback we’re proud of the positive contribution of own air conditioning maintenance. Your maintenance? Have you got it covered? Could it be better quality? Better value? Maybe we can help you too.

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“We found them on the internet and they really impressed us. They gave us a good price too”
Tracy Uniewska - Practice Manager, Parsonage Dental Practice
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“Punctual and polite we’ve had a great service over the last couple of years. The patients really appreciate it when the weather’s more extreme”
Tracy Uniewska - Practice Manager, Parsonage Dental Practice
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