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Residential Air Conditioning 2a
Case Study

Mark Gallagher - Domestic Client

Sector: Homeowner & Residential

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Five cooling units with Emura wall mounts and Wi-Fi control.

The Brief

When heat rises, how do you cool your top floor man cave?

Mark Gallagher had spent time and money creating a comfortable cinema room on the top floor of his home. But heat rises, and British houses keep their roofs insulated to keep out the winter chill. During the summer months, Mark's little escape was unusable - and the bedrooms used by him, his wife, and his daughter weren't much better.

Portable air conditioning units were fine during the day, but humming and whirring doesn't make for a good night's sleep. Mart needed a different solution.

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The Solution

Wall mounted split cooling systems. Mark explains: "Air conditioners and fans were fine in the conservatory during an evening, but nobody wants trailing hoses and noisy machinery in their bedrooms at night A neighbour had just invested in integrated cooling, and that seemed like the right choice."

The neighbour? Sam Zegroar. And as you'll see he's happy to recommend K2's work. "We saw the work K2 had done, and decided they were the right choice for us."

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The Result

More comfortable living for the whole family.

Mark's finally making the most of his man cave again, and enjoying all of his house in any weather conditions. Because the wall-mounted split system he chose maintains a constant temperature all year round. Cool in summer, cosy even when there's ice outside - and far less noisy than the endless parade of fans he'd been relying on in previous years.

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“Delighted with the results K2 delivered. There've been no issues with budget or time, and we're all sleeping really well.”
Mark Gallagher, Domestic Client
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