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Case Study

Sam Zegroar

Sector: Homeowner & Residential

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Lead Time:

Four working days

Product Solutions:

Five cooling units with stylish wall mounts, discreetly concealed ducted units, Wi-Fi control.

The Brief

How far would you go for a good night's sleep?

The upstairs of Sam Zegroar's home was blisteringly hot in summer, and with only bi-folding doors in the master bedroom, he was running out of ideas to cool his and his young child's rooms at night.

I Fans weren't cutting it, and standalone cooling units needed cumbersome housing that suited nobody. So during a home renovation, Sam realised it was time to find a serious solution.

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The Solution

Fully integrated cooling systems. Sam explains: "We started off with just air-conditioning in our master bedroom. After that, it made sense to expand that throughout the upstairs of our home when the baby arrived. We a.o had wall units fitted to our summer house."

But which installer would Sam choose? The answer was clear. "Someone who used to work for me had just taken on K2 as a client. I needed a good installer, he made the introduction, and the rest is history"

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The Result

Night and day.

Sam describes the results of K2's efforts as completely lifechanging. The difference has been night and day during the summer months, and the work carried out has entirely removed the issues of heat in what was formerly the most uncomfortable part of his home.

And most importantly of all, his whole family finds it much easier to sleep.

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“K2 came and did a fantastic job on time. Everything works as it should. I've renovated my whole house, and this is the best thing we've done. You just can't put a price on a good night, sleep”
Sam Zegroar, Domestic Client
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