In the summer of 2019, the refurbishment of a Brighton gym was launched and naturally included air conditioning demands. Castle FM, who we have built a highly successful relationship with, oversaw the revamp and concluded that K2 had the perfect credentials for this air conditioning overhaul. It’s fair to say the project results proved them correct in this appointment.

The contract, worth £140,000, insisted on the speedy replacement of a chilled water system with various split systems. Our team drew on their vast experience to recommend Mitsubishi R32 inverter splits, at the hand of their sleek design and first-rate efficiency. With the outdated chilled water system being decommissioned, the challenge lay in maintaining a maximum continuity of cooling, as well as keeping ‘downtime’ to a minimum. A mix of cassettes and ceiling suspended units linked by paths of traywork proved an attractive solution.

The location was a hefty 6-hour journey from our Manchester base, but our management team and dedicated fleet of engineers ensured this was no hindrance. We stationed ourselves a 5-minute drive from site, guaranteeing a lengthy graft every day. The discovery of asbestos within a wall brought the process to a brief halt, but our team soon got the green light and were back in there to finish the job.

Castle FM and K2 have continued to collaborate on many projects since this one.