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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Blackburn

by Richard




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We are experts in air conditioning maintenance operating in and around the Blackburn area. K2 Heating & Cooling have been maintaining air con units in your area for many years and has lots of happy customers who can vouch for our level of expertise and professionalism.

View our page here for a full list of air conditioning services in Blackburn Lancashire.

We offer ongoing maintenance support contracts for air conditioning that suit most businesses. All our work is backed up by a 7-year warranty and is performed by expert engineers trained to a City Guide Level 3 or higher.

Our packages are designed to keep your air-con units running a peak performance throughout the year with a focus on preventative measures through regular servicing. We are a team of experts able to spot issues before they arise and advise on the best course of action. Air conditioning maintenance contracts work best when you focus on long-term upkeep. That's why many of our clients with maintenance contracts never experience the pain of having to do large refits or replacements (we keep things working at their utmost for the longest time possible).

Taking on air con maintenance contracts in Blackburn

We currently have the capacity to take on air conditioning maintenance contracts in and around Blackburn. We love working in the area and want to build more relationships with businesses and homeowners who value a long-term upkeep approach to heating and cooling their premises.

Get in contact today if you:

  • Have an existing air conditioning system but no one to service it
  • Are concerned about the condition of your air-con and would like an experienced engineer to inspect it
  • Are not happy with your current maintenance provider and would like to discuss moving to K2 Heating & Cooling

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