Air Conditioning Contractor

Design through to installation, service, repairs and maintenance.

Air Conditioning Contractor

Whether you need someone to install, service or repair your air conditioning system you should always opt for a competent, professional and, where possible, experienced air conditioning contractor. An air conditioning contractor from K2 Heating and Cooling Solutions Ltd. will ensure your portable air conditioning unit, ventilation system or heat pump is installed correctly and running at optimal efficiency.

Despite our temperate climate in the UK, air conditioning is becoming a standard feature in our homes and businesses and is set to become even more commonplace as global temperatures rise. Yet climate control is about much more than temperature, with modern air conditioning systems also keeping humidity within an acceptable range and filtering out many of the airborne pathogens that are now known to contribute to illness.

Unfortunately, many older air conditioning systems are no longer fit for purpose: they consume vast amounts of energy, take up lots of space and are often noisy and unsightly. Replacing an ancient system with a brand new energy efficient one, installed by an approved air conditioning contractor, is almost always a wise investment. If this is unaffordable at the present time, setting up a regular maintenance plan with an air conditioning contractor can at least provide some peace of mind.

How to Choose and Evaluate your Air Conditioning Contractor

If you have decided to look into a new air conditioning installation or maintenance program, or you need to repair a breakdown, who should you choose? Just because someone is marketing themselves as an air conditioning contractor it doesn’t follow that they have the competence or attitude required.

A committed air conditioning contractor should be prepared to come out in any conditions and work in any environment, from a hot stuffy cupboard to an exposed rural outbuilding. Ideally, you should opt for someone with many years of experience in the industry but who is equally committed to keeping knowledge and skills up to date. Of course, every good air conditioning contractor has to invest in young people too, particularly as advanced technology becomes more of a standard feature in the HVAC industry, but there should always be an experienced point of contact on hand for any complications that may arise. Word of mouth can be a good place to start your search as can looking at evidence of previous installations. Talking to your air conditioning contractor over the phone and asking them for advice can be a good way to weigh up their knowledge and experience. Be wary of companies that spring up overnight and try to put pressure on you over the phone using ‘sales’ language.

If you have any doubts, ask which accreditations they have and to see their certificates. For example, K2 Heating and Cooling Solutions Ltd. are authorised installers for some of the top air conditioning brands in the world (e.g. Daikin, Mitsubishi and Panasonic). These companies do not issue their approval lightly and are strong proof of our competence. Above all, every contractor absolutely must be Refcom F-Gas Certificate if they are to be working in any way with refrigerants; this is a legal requirement and if they are unable or unwilling to produce evidence of this you should leave them well alone. For domestic installations requiring electrical work, a contractor should ideally have Part P Domestic Installer approval since this proves their ability to work safely with your home electrics. Weigh up any other supporting certifications on their own merit.

K2 Heating and Cooling Solutions tick all of the boxes above and are committed to providing a first class, responsive service at reasonable prices and with no unnecessary hassle. We are confident that we can be the air conditioning contractor you are looking for.

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