Here at K2 we’re looking to give something back. We’re going to make a donation to a worthy cause or charity each month so we’d love to hear your suggestions for those who you think deserve it most. The donation may not always be of the highest monetary value but we’re really keen to help those who deserve it in any way that we can.

As we approach Easter we’re planning to donate a whole load of chocolate Easter eggs to a north-west charity – but this is where you can help. We’re asking for our social media followers to suggest charities for us to donate them to. If you have any stories or pictures from your nominees then please do send them to us, we’d love to be able to share them.

K2 Managing Director, Scott Belfield, had to say this about our plans:

“Having benefited from working alongside the local community for a number of years, we at K2 felt that we wanted to say thanks, with a little gesture of support to a local worthy cause, all be it in a relatively small way.”

We’ll also be writing a blog about each charity we donate to so please do send us as many stories and suggestions as possible, we can’t wait to get started!