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Manchester air con servicing
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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Manchester

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K2 travel across the entire UK to attend to your air conditioning problems and desires! The Greater Manchester region however is a particular hotspot. Our cheapest call-out rates and quickest responses are assigned to this area. And our service engineers know it like the back of their hands!

General maintenance is a massive part of our job at K2. Keeping units clean and regularly serviced not only reduces the chances of a breakdown but is also paramount to customer perception. A clean, fresh-looking air con unit is pleasing to the eye and gives off a great first impression. That’s why so many people and businesses in Greater Manchester choose K2 for their service and maintenance needs!

Air conditioning maintenance has never been more important than in this current climate. Units and filters must be meticulously maintained in order to minimize the spread of Covid-19! A clean air-con unit results in clean air being distributed around the room. K2 now offer a deep clean service, which many customers in Greater Manchester have already been savvy enough to take advantage of! The deep clean consists of a full unit strip down and coil sterilization using antibacterial products.

So join our growing list of clients in the Greater Manchester region, and call K2 for the servicing and maintenance of your air con units!

How our maintenance service contracts provide value

K2 offers a regular air conditioning service in Manchester, designed to prevent problems from occurring through optimum upkeep and maintenance of your air-con units. Our maintenance contracts are also designed to save you money by ensuring your system is always operating at peak performance levels.

Regular air conditioning maintenance means:

  • Optimal functioning. This ensures you are saving the maximum amount of energy possible. Over time, especially with older systems, efficiency can become degraded due to the accumulation of dust, dirt, worn components and minor faults.
  • Spotting problems early. Sometimes replacing a small, cheaply acquired part is all that is needed to restore an air conditioning system to an almost-new state. Left to nature, that part will have a knock-on effect to other components leading to a bigger repair job or a full breakdown.
  • 100% compliance. Can you be sure you are not breaching F-gas regulations with a leaking system? Is your air quality within permitted values? With regular attention from a K2 professional F-Gas registered technician, you will know your system is compliant.
  • Peace of mind. When you are saving money and not expecting a breakdown or lawsuit, you can sleep easier at night!

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