Anybody with an air conditioning system understands how vital a part it plays to the happiness and comfort of colleagues and family. But for all the goodness it brings, if the air conditioning encounters a fault, you’ll encounter a quick change of mood. Whether it’s keeping an office cool in the blazing summer heat or a family warm on a freezing winter night – when the air-con stops, the complaints start. Luckily, at K2 we have a growing team of highly trained service engineers to keep your systems in check and solve any issues that occur.

From a noisy fan to a complete system shutdown, time is of the essence when it comes to air-con breakdowns. If you’re a customer based in and around Bolton, you’re in luck! K2 offers the perfect blend of quality and locality to fix any problems quickly and professionally.

As well as one-off repair jobs, customers are offered the option of entering a maintenance contract with us. This contract includes 2 visits per year at 6 monthly intervals in which we conduct a full servicing of your air conditioning system. Any faults or problems discovered will be reported and repaired as quickly as possible, and service contracts for Bolton customers are considerably cheaper than those for customers anywhere else in the country.