Residential air conditioning is a large canopy with many different branches. For example, it may consist of a small wall-mounted unit in your bedroom with the aim of keeping you cool in the summer. On the other hand it could involve a complex network of systems and serve as an alternative to any central heating you previously had. Regardless of the size and scale of your plans, residential air conditioning is undoubtedly the future of home heating and cooling. As a company based primarily in the Bolton and Greater Manchester region, families and households in this area are beginning to spot the benefits and take advantage!

Although at K2 we have a large, growing fleet and are well-equipped to attend any corner of the country, there is little doubt that being a local customer has its perks. For instance, customers living in Bolton and Greater Manchester that experience a breakdown or fault of any kind, will be subject to a rapid response from our team. And with our headquarters in Farnworth, install and repair projects around the Bolton region will be considerably cheaper. Locality is certainly a beneficial factor, and that’s why so many are beginning to invest in residential air conditioning.

With the rise of heating and cooling systems around the world, we’ve noticed a sharp rise in popularity in Bolton and Greater Manchester. Over the past couple of years, residential installations have played a huge role in our business – particularly in local areas. As a result, our team have gained invaluable experience in all fields of residential air con and we are incredibly familiar with the needs and demands that it involves. At K2 we believe we have truly mastered this complex art.

So join the long list of customers who have revolutionised their homes with residential air conditioning. We have an innumerable amount of options ranging from cheap summer deals to complete residential makeovers, all of which can be found on our website or enquired about by calling: 0800 107 5097.