Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning units today come in all shapes and sizes and are packed with features to make them easier to use and more efficient than ever. Just as important as selecting the right type of air conditioning unit is choosing the best company to fit it. K2 have the experience, skill and ethos to deliver what you need whether that is an installation, upgrade, service, repair or even just a piece of quality advice.

Comfort, Control and Cost Efficiency

Air Conditioning Unit Manchester

Air Conditioning Unit

If you have been toying with the idea of a new air conditioning unit in your home or small office but concerned about the cost then make sure to factor in the savings you are likely to make on your current heating bill. Many people don’t realise that many modern air conditioning units are more efficient at providing heat than their gas boilers and can significantly reduce costs.

A new air conditioning unit could be the answer you have been looking for if you are frozen out of your conservatory in the winter but stifled in the summer. Air conditioning units are also ideal for gyms, garages, bedrooms, living rooms and other domestic spaces.

Convenience and control are also prioritised in the high quality units K2 use. Most can be remotely programmed and if you are designing a smart home, you will find options for full home automation. Modern air conditioning units are also much quieter than older models.

In the home, air conditioning is mainly about comfort and cost-saving. In business and the public sector it is also about keeping people safe and following the law. If you are responsible for ensuring people’s health and safety in a school, hotel, residential unit, warehouse or other spacious building you will need a compliant air conditioning system. We can assist you at every stage of a commercial air con project from the first design sketches to drawing up a maintenance contract.

K2: Over a Decade of Putting Customers First

The quality of the air conditioning unit you choose is one of two crucial decisions you will have to make. You will also need to make sure you choose wisely when it comes to the supplier and installer of your products.

As Mitsubishi Electric approved installers and Daikin D1 Business Partners, K2 Heating and Cooling Solutions Ltd. have satisfied these well known companies that we have the know how and technical expertise to fit their high-quality products. We can also help to guide you on the best placement and type of unit for your space and climate control needs. We are also Refcom and F gas certified which means that we are legally permitted to install, service and repair air conditioning units containing refrigerants.

With some air con companies, the level of service you receive depends on which engineers you happen to have assigned to your project. Not so with K2. We are proud of our commitment to excellence and customer service and have created a pipeline of talent to ensure that even our newest engineers have received the very best training and are fully qualified.

We are so certain of the combined excellence of our suppliers’ products and our own workmanship that we have broken the mould by extending our guarantee to nine years.

From Design to Maintenance, K2 Does it All

Air Conditioning Experts

Air Conditioning Experts

As industry specialists, K2 can provide much more than air conditioning unit supply and installation. We have been involved in the designing of air conditioning systems to meet complex and highly sensitive briefs, such as the Grade II Listed building project for Under Armour detailed in our case studies. We can also set up a comprehensive maintenance plan for your new or existing air conditioning system even if someone else has installed it.

As a Manchester-based air conditioning company, we are in easy reach of homes and businesses across the north west although some of our customers are based in London.

For information about the types of air conditioning unit we fit or for advice on a current or proposed system please call us on 0161 804 4561 or 0800 107 5097. We also offer a free estimate.