At K2, many of our projects – particularly service and maintenance contracts revolve around dental practices and other various types of surgeries. As well as needing to keep customers satisfied with a comfortable temperature and tidy aesthetics, properties of this nature have an elevated requirement for good hygiene. As with all of our jobs, surgeries and practices are fitted with the latest, state-of-the-art air conditioning technology – providing a professional look and pleasant feel. When it comes to servicing and maintaining the buildings, we conduct an extremely thorough, deep sterilization of all air conditioning equipment. This is particularly important in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our service engineers are a highly qualified and dedicated force. Our no-stone-unturned maintenance policy ensures that surgeries and dental practices are left spotless and sterile after each visit.

Air conditioning maintenance is incredibly important at the moment, as harmful bacteria and particles can be spread much more easily and rapidly with the assistance of air-con. Germs that are living on the units may be distributed around the room and building if they’re not appropriately serviced on a regular basis. This is especially concerning in a medical practice. The upside however is that clean, sterile air conditioning units can in fact be beneficial to health and hygiene in these times. As long as the unit in question is clean, it can help spread clean air around the area, creating a hygienic and sanitary environment. We apply our Coronavirus deep clean to all of our maintenance customers. The introduction of this unique service has resonated particularly with medical clients such as dentists and doctors. Our routine consists of a strip down and deep cleanse of all air conditioning units. Coils are stripped and sprayed with government-advised disinfectant and all equipment is wiped down.

Some surgeries we’ve recently completed work on include installs and service contracts at Parsonage Dental, Morris Dental and Manchester Dental. In these types of practices, namely Manchester Dental, we often employ a ‘dirty air out, clean air in’ ventilation system. This ensures that staff and patients are kept safe and healthy – which is always our number 1 priority!

If your surgery or medical practice needs some heating and cooling solutions, or your existing units require our deep sterilization – don’t hesitate to contact K2 on 0800 107 5097!