Do you need a certified air conditioning engineer to quickly install and set up a small air conditioning unit in your home conservatory? Are you looking for an experienced team of specialists to take care of a large commercial air conditioning project – from design to completion?

Whatever the scope, domestic or commercial, K2 Heating and Cooling Solutions Ltd. are Manchester’s go to air conditioning firm.

The Benefits of Professionally Fitted Air Conditioning

The global demand for air conditioning systems is rising and, with scientists predicting more extreme weather, the need to regulate indoor air temperature is critical.

A modern, professionally installed system offers many benefits to both businesses and homeowners, including:

  • Cost savings. You could reduce your energy bills by up to 83% due to the efficiency of modern air conditioning units.
  • Environmental protection. Lower energy use means less CO2 into the atmosphere. This is great for future generations and also for meeting environmental and corporate responsibility targets. Older systems are also more likely to leak harmful F-gases, potentially risking health and safety penalties.
  • Comfortable working/living conditions. For businesses, this translates to happier, more productive staff. For homeowners, rooms can be used all year round instead of being out of bounds during very hot or cold weather.
  • Appearance upgrade. New designs are an aesthetic improvement over older, more cumbersome systems.
  • Quieter operation. Older air conditioning systems are much noisier than new models, affecting working conditions.
  • State-of-the-art user controls. New technology enables the user to fine-tune settings for customised climate control.

Why Choose K2 Air Conditioning Engineers?

K2 Air Conditioning Bolton - Tel: 01204 361171In such a competitive sector, with companies and individuals across different trades turning their hands to air conditioning work, it is important to research carefully before hiring.

Manchester firm K2 Heating and Cooling Solutions Ltd. have over 18 years’ experience in the field and are REFCON certified. This means we are legally allowed to work with refrigerant gases – a minimum requirement for fitting an air conditioning system.

On top of that, we have built up a strong reputation for consistent high standards in both the technical quality of our installations and our customer service.

A decent air conditioning firm will always show commitment to the development of its engineers. For us, this ensures our values and expertise are shared among our workforce. We want our customers to know that they will always receive the same high level of workmanship and customer care no matter who arrives to carry out the works.

K2 also offer the country’s only nine year guarantee – that is how confident we are that our air conditioning systems can deliver in the long-term.

After Fitting: Keeping your Air Conditioning Unit in Top Condition

Some businesses choose to ‘fit and forget’ their air conditioning system rather than commit to a long-term maintenance package but we strongly recommend you don’t follow their lead.

Just like a brand new car, air conditioning systems need regular checking and servicing to make sure everything is working as it should. Even a small problem can affect energy efficiency and lead to bigger, more expensive issues further down the line. We can work out a sensible, affordable maintenance plan to maximise your ROI over the long-term.

Even if you decide against fitting a new air conditioning system, K2 will be happy to repair any issues with your existing system and set up a maintenance plan.

If you are interested in a free, no-obligation quote for fitting or servicing air conditioning at your home, office or commercial unit, please get in touch with K2 on 0161 804 4561 or 0800 107 5097.