F Gas Certification

Leak Checking Obligations for Businesses with Air Con

F Gas Certification

F gas certification is a legal requirement for any company handling fluorinated greenhouse gases for other businesses or individuals. F gas is regularly found in air conditioning system refrigerants.

In addition, any business which operates equipment containing F gases must fulfil certain obligations with regards to its installation, maintenance and disposal including regular leak checking, accurate labeling and robust record-keeping.

It is important to understand that if you need to call in an air conditioning company to install, check, service, repair, decommission or dispose of your F gas containing air con system you must choose one with up-to-date F gas certification.

K2 Heating and Cooling Solutions Ltd. are F-gas registered through REFCOM (www.refcom.org.uk) under REF1009232. REFCOM are one of three registrar’s stipulated on the government’s website as having responsibility for F gas certification.

The main types of F gas found in air conditioning systems are the hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) 404A and 410A. These have been designated global warming contributors and have been subject to increasingly stringent regulation by the EU.

Leak Checking Obligations for Businesses with Air Con

As well as ensuring businesses only use air conditioning companies with current F gas certification, the government also require active compliance through regular leak checking. The amount of F gas in the system, the specific type of gas and whether any automatic leak-monitoring equipment is in place will affect the regularity of checks. In some cases, leak checking should be carried out as regularly as every three months.

Although businesses are permitted to carry out their own in-house leak checking, they will still need to ensure that the individual responsible for the checks is personally qualified to handle refrigerant gases. In most cases, it is advisable to share that responsibility with a company holding F gas certification by setting up a regular maintenance plan.

Individual and Company Requirements for F Gas Certification

Both individual engineers and companies need to be signed off to carry out installation, service, checking or repair work on air conditioning systems containing F gas. Individuals need to have a City and Guilds FGAS and ODS Regulations Certificate, CITB Refrigeration Certificate or an acceptable equivalent. Their employing companies (or themselves if they are sole traders) then need to record the certificate numbers to prove they have enough qualified engineers to provide F gas services.

They then need to submit written evidence of their F gas-handling procedures and any equipment used to prove that they can minimise emissions during work. These two elements form the basis of their company F gas certification and can be audited at any time. F gas certification is subject to renewal every three years.

By hiring an F gas certified company such as K2 Heating and Cooling Ltd. for any installation or maintenance work you can be assured that you are fulfilling your legal requirements. We will be happy to discuss a regular maintenanxe plan with you, regardless of whether the system you use was fitted by us or another company.

Call K2 for Honest Advice on F Gas Certification

At K2, we are known for our plain-talking manner and common sense advice. If you are not sure whether your system contains F gas or what your obligations are we will be happy to give you the benefit of our experience. We promise not to try and hard sell you our services and invite you to drop us a line at 0800 107 5097 or 01204 361171.

You can also find out much more detailed information about F gas certification via the government website at: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/eu-f-gas-regulation-guidance-for-users-producers-and-traders or by contacting the Environment Agency on 0370 8506 506 or through their email address: [email protected]